Hear From Those Transformed by Our Innovations in Cell Therapy


"Astraveus imagines, conceptualizes, develops and implements the technological innovations of the future that are necessary for the wider application of cell and gene therapies. We are delighted to support the team of Astaveus in this endeavor, and are proud to be a partner of a company that innovates for the benefit of patients."

Prof. Jérôme Larghero

Director of the Department of Biotherapies and the MEARY Center of Cell and Gene Therapies Hôpital St. Louis, AP-HP, Paris

"Astraveus' miniaturized, high capacity, end-to-end microfluidic platform will enable the flexibility to manufacture both current and future CGT products, while also setting new benchmarks in improved efficiency and consistency of processing. I am proud to support Astraveus and their team as they continue to revolutionize this field. "

Tara Clark

Expert in Cell and Gene Therapy Commercialization, Strategic Advisor to Astraveus

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